Spiced coconut cooking oils

Turmeric Spiced, Paprika Spiced, Pepper Spiced 


"Absolutely love these spiced coconut oils, they added an immediate upgrade to my meals with colour, great flavour and mouthwatering smells.  A great idea for when I want to cook tasty food without any fuss, well done Zing Foods!"  

Linney, Personal Trainer

Image by Vivek Doshi
The UK's first spiced coconut cooking oil 

Quickly adds flavour to dishes


Carefully developed spice blends

Naturally vegan, gluten-free & dairy-free

No coconut taste

Long shelf-life

Cook with our oils

Our approach is simple. We start with the finest spices, create our own spice blends, roast them in the oven and then mix the blend into organic refined coconut oil. The result is a product that contains no preservatives or artificial ingredients but delivers great flavours and tastes.

We always ensure our ingredients are ethically sourced and our packaging is recycled and recyclable. 

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