Spiced Quinoa

Servings: As preferred

Timings: 5 mins prep and cook the quinoa according to product instructions

Our spices blend well with rice and grains to add an instant edge of flavour. Making interesting side dishes easy.


0.5-1 tsp of any of the Zing Foods spiced coconut oils per portion



Here are two methods to making this dish. The first brings a more even colour but softer flavour. In any case you can always add more spiced oil to taste

1. Gently melt 1 tsp of any of the oils in a pan to release the fragrance and taste, add the quinoa and quantity of liquid in line with your cooking instructions of your quinoa. Once cooked, fluff up and add more oil to taste

2. Cook quinoa according to instructions. Once cooked fork through 1-2 tsp spiced oil