Hasselback Halloumi and Potatoes

Hasselback halloumi or hasselback potatoes are great when you add a teaspoon of Zing Foods spiced coconut oil while they are cooking.

Halloumi - 1 packet serves 2

Make up a basic tomato sauce by cooking an onion in a large tsp of Paprika Spiced coconut oil

Add 1 x 400g tinned tomatoes, season and add half a tsp of sugar

Cook for 5-10 mins and whizz everything up with a hand blender (you can keep it chunky if wanted)

In a frying pan, I sauteed some peppers and added to the tomato sauce

Hasselback the halloumi by cutting three quarters the way through

Place on top of the peppers and tomato sauce and then cook in the oven about 10 mins

Potatoes – it’s basically a smart baked potato. You can use most potatoes, ideally an all-rounder or floury potato. Cut three quarters into the potato and roast with half a teaspoon of spiced coconut cooking oil. Once baked add some more oil to melt as a butter substitute